Hand-Signed Copy of Quilt Favorites Book by Laura Coia

Hand-Signed Copy of Quilt Favorites Book

We all have dreams and one of mine was to write a book and that was many years ago. But today I'm excited to tell you my dream has come true and I get to present to you my first book. It has 12  my favorite projects along with tips and tricks to help accomplishing these quilts with my sewveryeasy methods. I am very excited and hope you enjoy the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.

I will be signing all purchases of the book through the month of March. After which, the signed copies will no longer be for sale - though you can still get a copy directly from the publisher!

The price includes all tax and shipping and handling!

Book Preview and Unboxing!

Thank You and Dedication

This book is dedicated to my YouTube family of subscribers and viewers. Together, we have shared many experiences, and I would like to give thanks for all the wonderful comments, feedback, and support.

Introduction and Book Sample:

Quilting is a wonderful hobby. We quilters have so much to give us inspiration: beautiful fabrics, outstanding tools and notions, and great quilt shops and teachers, along with amazing quilts. Inspiration makes quilting so incredible; it allows us to express ourselves in our own personal way.

I started sewing as a young child and thus did not know the “rules.” This allowed me to be creative and follow my own inclinations—there was no such thing as right or wrong. As such, my style and most of my tips and techniques were developed over time by a trial-and-error method.
It is important that we do not stress over the rules but rather enjoy our time in the sewing room and be happy with our creations. Quilting can be a relaxing and enjoyable hobby. It should only bring us joy. The more we quilt, the more we want to quilt!

This book contains patterns that I hope will be inspirational and, most of all, fun for you to make. The patterns are a reflection of the techniques I use to help make things “sew very easy.”
Be creative and use fabrics and colors that speak to you. It is the selection of fabric that will change the look and feel of a quilt. For example, a timeless pattern can be turned into a modern quilt and vice versa by virtue of fabric selection alone.
Regardless of your level of sewing expertise, you will find that the quilt projects in this book are not only easy to make but will also produce stunning results. I have really enjoyed making these patterns and quilts, and I hope that you will love making them, too.

Have a “sewtacular” day,